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Conference room
We have two new top modern seminar and conference rooms. "Emmeran" and "Tassilo", named after a devoted Regensburger Bischop and the last Duke of Bavaria`s Dynasty. The rooms can be used both joined or separate. The rooms are on the ground floor, meaning you receive plenty of daylight and if you wish to use a projector the windows can be darkened. Both organizers and trainers will find perfect technical conditions. The screens descend automatically. Overheadprojector, beamer, flipchart, lectern, and a mobile refreshment bar are provided. Our seminar and conference rooms are furnished with wooden floors. The arm chairs are ergonomically shaped to assure comfortable sitting even after hours. The tables are large enough to easily lay out folders if necessary. The room temperature can be adjusted unit by unit over the air condition system.
Stay fit!Our modern electronical fitness equipment will help you to do so. In our generously sized fitness room you will find a treadmill, two stationary bikes, two steppers and other equipment for stretching and strengthening arms, legs as well as other specific muscle groups.
Ask for our jogging map. It shows course and distances (2,3km, 4,1km, 7,6km and 9,5km).
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